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Title:Gurren Lagann
Genre: Animation, Drama, Action & Adventure
First Air Date: 2007-04-01
Last Air Date: 2007-09-30
Number of Seasons: 1
Total Episodes: 27
Overview: In the distant future, people build their homes and raise domestic animals in subterranean caverns. As a result, they live in fear of the occasional earthquake and cave-in, and have been for hundreds of years. Jeeha is one such village. One day, a boy named Simon happens to find a small, shiny drill whilst digging to expand the village. At the same time, Kamina, a guy who believes that there is another land above the village, persuades a gangster to break through the ceiling in order to leave the cavern. Suddenly, an earthquake occurs and the ceiling collapses, followed by a big robot breaking through the ceiling. Kamina is now sure that there is a world above them. Recklessly, he begins to fight against the robot. At that moment, another person appears from the land above. It is a girl by the name of Yoko. With a rifle in hand, she had been tracking the robot. However, all she could do was distract it. Then, Simon shows what he had found to Kamina and Yoko. It`s a mysterious robot whose head is also its body. Gurren Lagann, Gurren Lagann

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Subtitle: English, France, Spanish, Ductch, Italian, German, Danish, Swedish, Russaian, Norwegian, Turskish, Belgium, Denmark, China, Japanese, etc
Stars: Marina Inoue (Yoko Ritona), Kishou Taniyama (Kittan Bachika), Kana Ueda (Kinon Bachika), Kana Asumi (Kiyal Bachika), Tetsuya Kakihara (Simon), Katsuyuki Konishi (Kamina), Daiki Nakamura (Dayakka Littner), Yukari Fukui (Nia Teppelin), Nobuyuki Hiyama (Viral), Akio Suyama (Cytomander), Haruhi Terada (Cybela Coutaud), Kiyoyuki Yanada (Thymilph), Masaya Onosaka (Leeron Littner), 根谷美智子 (Adiane), Mitsuki Saiga (Rossiu Adai), Takahiro Mizushima (Guinble Kite), Takako Honda (Gimmy Adai), Takashi Kondō (Kidd Coega), Takaya Kamikawa (Anti-Spiral), Rina Satou (Kiyoh Bachika), Takahiro Mizushima (Tetsukan Littner), Takako Honda (Leite Jokin), Daisuke Kirii (Iraak Coega), Kiyoshi Kawakubo (Guame), Go Shinomiya (Jorgun Bakusa), Takafumi Kawakami (Zorthy Kanai), Shizuka Itou (Darry Adai)
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